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Jiangsu Friend Thermal Technology Co., Ltd
is a professional manufacturer of finned tube coils for the original equipment and replacement for nearly 20 years. The products are distributed world widely such as USA, Australia, Janpan, Germany and China.

Custromers from Brazil
Shareholders of a Brazil company came to FriendThermal to inspect the factory and made their ultimate decision to cooperate with FriendThermal.

Customers from Canada
Canada customers investigated and inspected our factory, with the desire of establishing a long term cooperation.

Customers from USA

President Mr Ji accompanied customer from USA to inspect the whole production for his products.

Customers from Europe

Customers from Korea

Customer from Japan

For years we have been working cooperatively with our customer from Japan. We have through discussion about the technical design , carefully accomplish the production and they came to inspect each production of their goods.

Jiangsu Friend Thermal Technology Co., Ltd

has been building coils for the HVAC Industry and other industry for many years and enjoys a wide reputation among the customers . There is a great possibility that we have built similar coil at least once before.