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History of Jiangsu Friend Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd

Jiangsu Friend Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd .was founded in September 2000 in Jiangsu Province, China.

We focus on and are committed at being a professional manufacturer of various heat exchangers for air conditioning & refrigeration produccers.Our products have enjoyed high reputation both in domestic market and in overseas market. With the development of the company and the growing of the market ,our products are exported overseas to North America, Europe, Australia and East Asia.Our products include Booster Coil, Hot Water Coil, Chilled Water Coil, Condenser Coil, Steam Coil, Evaporator Coil and all types of Customerized Coil.We are faithful partner of air conditioner producer and will endeavor to help our customers shape ,upgrade and consolidate their brand ceaselessly.Whether you need new coils for your OEM application, or need to replace a coil for a commercial chiller or coils in a power plant—Friend Thermal products has your solution!

Year 2002,the construction of the First Stage of the Factory Building.
Jiangsu FriendThermal Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in September,2000 in Taizhou,Jiangsu.Our initial focus was being a professional fin coil manufacturer.We are now a recognizable name among heat transfer manufacturers known for our quality and service.

Year 2005, the first stage factory construction was established.
Friend Thermal Technology is situated at the South side of Taizhou Yangtz Bridgehead and occupies an area of 25,400 square meters. It is a professional manufacturer of air- conditioning heat exchangers, supplying various high performance heat exchangers which are widely used in air conditioner, heat pump, refrigerator, communications, industrial, marine, high-speed rail, vehicles and other fields.

Year 2008, the second stage factory construction was established.
Relying on years of experience,we have gained the ability of designing ,processing of copper tube heat exchanger .Our products have enjoyed high reputation both in domestic market and in oversea market. With the development of the company and the growing of the market, Friend Thermal Technology finished the second stage of its construction.The company is equipped with advanced production equipment and automated production line.

  • the construction of state-level laboratory

Year 2009,the construction of State-Level Laboratory

Relying on the advance technology, mature technique, perfect equipment ,strict quality and process control, Jiangsu Friend Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd provide to the customers with products of high performance and reliable quality. We have a state-level laboratory to carry out comprehensive experiments of products .We have gained ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate as well as 9001:14000 Certificate.

Year 2015,the third stage construction of the factory was finished.

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We Supply the Following:

Tube size 7mm,9.52mm,12.7mm,15.88mm,in Copper;
Fin materials from Aluminum,Copper,with various coatings
Flange in Aluminum, Steel,Galvanized Steel,or Stainless Steel.Additional Exotic Materials upon request.
New OEM applications or Retro Fit up to 40 feet long.

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